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Why Guide Little Minds?

Do you feel like a parent with “butterfly wings” flapping against a tornado?

Your emotions of helplessness, worry, and guilt, combined with a child without friends, low grades, mood disturbances, behaviour and learning problems, can seem overwhelming.

They are leaving you to feel that your child is the only one experiencing difficulties.

As a paediatrician with 20 years of experience and a specialised interest in developmental neurology, I have dedicated the past twenty years solving these problems.

I have developed a unique treatment and management method to manage children and guide families along the road to unlock their true potential.

With 20 years of experience managing thousands of children, and passionate about managing problems in children, from pre-school through to teenagers and young adults. These include problems with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, conduct, developmental, and learning problems. I have gathered around myself, a multidisciplinary team of educators, therapists and practice staff to respond to any problem no matter how large or small. We have developed a digital platform to confidently and easily collect information, from parents and teachers vital for an accurate assessment. We pride ourselves in providing a responsive support service, to our parents, teachers, and therapists closely connected to your child’s health and schooling.  

We also offer our patients an alternative consultation location, away from our Hillcrest Hospital rooms, at 8 Village Road, close to Delcairns centre in Kloof, for those who do not wish to enter a hospital during COVID. Please go to our websites for further information at drflett.com, and schoolingassessment.com.

We will guide you through the assessment process each step of the way. We can be contacted on 031 1000 474 and emailed at support@drjohnflett.com.

Ever wondered what are some actionable tips you can take as an parent of a child with ADHD?

Download the above PDF and find some great tips

A Parents’ Perspective

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Who is Dr John Flett

Specialist Paediatrician MBChB, MRCP(UK), FCP(SA)

My medical journey started almost 30 years ago as a General Practitioner in a Small Town, Waterfall, not far from the Hospital I now work in; Hillcrest Private Hospital. During this time as a GP dealing with young families and their precious new off-spring, a “Paediatric call” was heard loudly. Along the way I travelled with my family to the U.K, to specialise in Paediatrics, gaining the British Paediatric Specialist qualification, MRCP(UK) Paediatrics within two years. I was fortunate enough to work in centres of excellence like Great Ormond Street children’s Hospital and The Hammersmith Mother and Child Hospital, gaining top-level experience and learning from leading experts in children’s care and development. On returning to South Africa, my journey continued in the Department of Paediatrics, at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. In 1998 I gained my South African Paediatric Specialist Qualification, FCP(SA) Paediatrics. After spending time as a consultant at the Johannesburg General Hospital, the yearning to return to Durban grew stronger, and in 2000 I returned to Durban to enter private practice.

I enjoy all aspects of Paediatrics and child health care. I get a real buzz interacting with parents and their children, solving problems no matter how small they appear. I manage babies’ care as small as 500g and 25 weeks at birth and on the other end “children” over 90 kg and 25 years old.

I have a strong passion for managing all aspects of schooling-related problems. These include child and adolescent: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, conduct problems, developmental problems, learning problems, and the complete range of ADHD associated challenge

Flett ADHD Model

As a paediatrician working with thousands of families over the last 20 years, I have created a 5 step proven method to manage your child’s behaviour, learning and concentration problems, and guide their little minds to unlock their full potential and secure their future.

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