Fussy, picky eaters part 1-3.

Fussy Picky eaters? How to manage. Picky eating is every day in children with ADHD — and as a parent, it’s probably driving you crazy. Here are simple strategies (like serving breakfast for dinner!) to ensure your child gets enough to eat. Does your child turn his nose up at your meal efforts no matter how to try and please him? You are concerned about balancing meals that supply nutritious foods and foods that he is prepared to consider. Are you feeling like a hostage negotiator faced with unrealistic demands from your child? Such battles are every day in homes where young children have been diagnosed with ADHD. There are several links between attention deficit and picky eating: Please share your tricks and tips. Children with ADHD brains are deficient in dopamine and have sugar “addiction” because of the surge of dopamine released after eating foods rich in sugars. Kids with ADHD can also exhibit sensory defensiveness and have some of the motor challenges seen in autism spectrum disorders. Picky eaters usually have high levels of food sensitivity. A specific taste, smell, or the look of food can make these children feel as if the sensory experience is “hurting” them. The sense can be so overwhelming that they are repulsed, panicked, or sickened by exposure to it. Duke University found a high correlation between selective eating problems and ADH
· December 14, 2021
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