A deeper understanding, what is wrong with my child? Should I get an assessment?

· November 1, 2021

Deciding to have a school assessment and evaluation for ADHD or behavoral conerns.

 After developing awareness and concern about your child’s problem, you may be considering getting a professional evaluation. 

Many parents reach the point when they have exhausted their ability to solve the problem at home, and there are ongoing concerns and frustrations by the teacher about the issues at School.

You may feel overwhelmed in taking this step. You may have thought that the problem would resolve itself.

 When should you decide to get an assessment?

 Many parents have noted a problem right from the preschool years that their child is having difficulties compared to other children for the same age.

Early symptoms may include excessive activity, lack of concentration and control over the emotional state, aggressive behaviour, excitability that have become difficult to ignore.

You may think that none of these interventions has tried various behaviour interventions suggested by the teacher have made significant inroads into dealing with a problem or receiving help from a psychologist, occupational therapist, or behaviour therapist. You have realised that the current strategies will not solve the problem without further understanding and planning.

 After these two factors and parents realise there’s something wrong that needs help.

School staff members may have pointed out concerns about your child’s behaviour and learning.

 If the problems are more severe, parents become aware that their child behaves differently and has disruptive behaviour at the preschool level.

 Unfortunately, staff members at schools do not mention anything to parents and parents; this causes a delay in parents seeking help. Sometimes teachers refer children to occupational therapists when this is not the most appropriate starting point to seek help. Teachers think that the parents will feel less threatened if they are referred to as an occupational therapists rather than seek help from a behaviour specialist or psychologist. The referral to an occupational therapist may cause lengthy delays and unnecessary therapy expenditure before children are diagnosed with ADHD.  in my opinion, teachers are worried about the parent’s reaction to a more appropriate referral, such as a paediatrician or psychologist.

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