Mother’s Day is the one day a year children and partners can show how much they are MOM. Many of your days may be more difficult if you are a mother to a child with ADHD, ADD, or learning/behavioural issues. Many days mothers of ADHD kids may find it more difficult to keep giving and giving while secretly questioning everything they do. This is especially true if your ADHD children are school-aged or adolescents dealing with hormones!

For this year, I am offering some help and advice on what a mother of children with ADHD/ADD may want for Mother’s Day.


There never seems to be enough time. Especially if your kids play sports or do activities, it’s not that anyone has a time machine and can create more time. It’s more than mothers could have more time if kids and partners stepped in and helped out more. 


This is probably the easiest gift and one of the hardest for mothers to receive and others to give. Being a mom of ADHD is challenging. ADHD is something you usually can’t notice when looking at a child. The things they go through can take a toll on the children and their parents.


This is a gift mothers need to give themselves. There is nothing wrong with stepping away from a situation and having a breather to recharge. All children will push their limits and test their parents’ patience.


For many mothers, it’s not always easy to accept support. We are their mothers. Can we take care of EVERYTHING on our right? WRONG! There is a reason the saying came about ‘it takes a village’, and ‘no man (mom) is an island”. Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you need to. Let those around you help. Whether it’s helping make lunches, watching the kids or taking them for an evening.

Unconditional love and encouragement from your partner and close friends

This is SO very important. No one created a child by themselves, and no one raised them alone. Whether it’s a hug on your worst days or drinks on Friday where you can just talk with another mom without judgement, both are crucial to a mom’s survival! You are a mother, and YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! That doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes be a wife, friend, sister or whatever else you want to be that is just for you! You have nothing to lose by carving out a piece of the pie for yourself.

You will only be a better person and mother by making sure you are taken care of!