Concerned Parents and Teachers: Behaviour Problems, Learning & Concentration Abilities With Children

Are you concerned about feedback from the teachers at school about your child's behaviour, learning abilities or concentration? How would it impact your child's future, if you understood them better and knew how to guide their little mind to a big mind, unlocking their true potential. Start here with a free ADHD assessment for your child's future.

ADHD Assessments & Resource Guide

  1. ADHD Assessment for girls and women. Worth $66
  2. ADHD Assessment for adults. Worth $66
  3. Parent Reading List and Resources Document, Forums, Podcasts, Adult. Worth $133
This information was gathered through over 20 years in private practice as a paediatrician and in working with thousands of families where children had behavioural problems, learning and concentration problems. Supporting families to answer the following questions: 

What is Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder?
What is actually wrong with my child?
What causes ADHD?
What does not cause ADHD?
What happens to my child as they get older?
How does ADHD impact our family?
Total Value $265
Sold at $50