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ADHD treatment options. An overview the various options. Part 1

April 18, 2022

Therapy for ADHD in Children “Behaviour therapy operates on a simple premise: Parents and other adults in a child’s life set clear expectations for their child’s behaviour — they praise and reward positive behaviour and discourage negative behaviour. Behaviour therapy requires participation from parents and teachers.” Medication neurologically to regulate brain Behaviour therapy targets specific behaviours. Structured time Routines Dangers of not treating ADHD ADHD “ Diabetes of the mind” ADHD the name does not sound serious. Why Treat ADHD? Greater risk of accidental injuries. Greater rates of health-related problems At the risk of earlier mortality. Poor self-control reduces life expectancy. 11 Dangers to health Obesity 2. Eating problems 3. Nutrition 4. Dental care 5. Injuries 6. Exercise 7. Sleep 8. Migraines 9. Substance abuse 10. Coronary heart disease. 11. Seizures.