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Guide Little Minds that Think and Learn Differently

1.1 Welcome overview

Hello everybody, I’m Dr John Flett, and in this video, I will be introducing you all to what we’ll be doing over the next five weeks. During this course, we look at five crucial steps of my tried and proven framework I’ve used over the past 20 years in guiding parents from accepting and understanding their child’s problems with a focus that impacts learning. Impulsivity causes a devastating impact on behaviour and the ability to have friends and a secure future.

I would suggest you take one week per step to absorb and digest the information presented adequately.

I have created an organisation, guidelittleminds, to enable children and parents to unlock the big potential that lies within your child’s grasp.

Does your child struggle with their concentration and learning or impulsivity and behaviour? We will guide you using our 5 step plan to allow your child to get the results they deserve, become comfortable with their friends and ensure they have a successful future.

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