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If your child has ADHD, it’s important to talk with him about it.

“It’s never too early to start talking with your child about his ADHD,”

You want them to be involved, to understand, and to be on board,”

What you say should be appropriate for his age, but your goal is the same: To help your child understand what ADHD means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to be successful at school and in life. You’ll talk about it many times as your child grows and develops.

“You need to help your child feel special, and like he is part of the plan,”

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ADHD holiday survival guide.
The holidays are hectic. And if your child has ADHD, it can create extra challenges. Here are some tips to make the season easier to manage.
You don’t have to accept every invitation you get. If your child gets antsy or overexcited, just go to the most important events. The family gathering at Grandma’s house might be a must. But maybe you (or your child) can skip the party at your neighbour’s house. You could also stick with smaller or more active events with a few friends.
1. Don’t stop the medication
2 Select some NOT all holiday events.
3 Head-up before events
4 House rules apply
5 Give feedback frequently
6 Chill time and space.
7 Bag of “tricks” on standby
8 Give jobs to do.
9 Shopping and planning
10 ”Pad kos” “nutrition boosts
11 Rewards are small and immediate.
12 Attention to the good things.
I have created a video discussing my thoughts on the above 12 essential tips.
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