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Is It Teething, or Is Your Baby Sick?
Chances are you’re cheering as your baby masters each new skill: rolling over, clapping, sitting up.
But there’s one milestone you may not look forward to teething. It can be challenging, making your ordinarily happy, playful baby cranky and uncomfortable.
Teething tends to happen at around six months of age, the same time that children naturally start to get sick more often. The immune protection they got in the womb begins wearing off.
It can be hard to tell what’s causing your little one’s discomfort. Is it teeth? Or an illness?
Give your paediatrician a call whenever you’re concerned, but specific symptoms can offer clues.
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Gaming Addiction

ADHD and gaming.  I am addicted to how to break the habit. Is your child addicted, and how to maintain control of gaming time spent?

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